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New Private Jet Sales Forecast to Drop in 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is having an impact on new private jet sales. JETNET iQ shared their latest forecast during VBACE in December 2020. They estimate that 511 new jets will be sold in 2020 compared to 711 in 2019.

TBM 940 Turboprop is 1000th Daher TBM Delivered

Daher has rolled out the 1,000th fast turboprop aircraft and delivered it to a customer. A top-of-the-line TBM 940 version went to an owner/operator in the United States. TBM maintains a solid market position in the entry-level turboprop segment designed in a 5 passenger plus 1 pilot configuration.

Lower Priced Learjet 75 Liberty Enters Service

The light jet is now within reach of more customers and operators, thanks to a lowered price point and attractive operating costs. Customers can choose between 6- and 8-seat cabin configurations.

Bill Garvey on the BCA Operations Planning Guide

Editor-in-Chief of Business & Commercial Aviation Magazine, Bill Garvey, talks with Paul LaFata about putting together the Operations Planning Guide. Bill notes that “AirPower Software Group, is our key partner, in assembling this much anticipated presentation.”

Cabin Management Technology Update

Today’s high technology business jet aircraft include cabins that integrate wi-fi, blu-ray players that provide high definition video, and surround sound audio, full color spectrum mood lighting, and complete cabin control right at your fingertips. The business jet passengers literally have their Home Theater or Office functionality from take-off to touchdown.

The Costs to Own and Operate a Pilatus PC-24

The PC-24 is the first jet-powered aircraft from Pilatus following years of successful turbo-prop production including the PC-12, which is highly desirable by the owner flown crowd. The first PC-24 was delivered in 2018 and like its sister turbo-prop it is renowned for having good short and rough field performance. Here’s a breakdown on the costs to buy and operate the PC-24.

Aircraft Operating Cost – Planning Ahead

There are a multitude of aircraft operating cost articles written over the years including the occasional quarterly or annual reports describing current states of affairs for a variety of aircraft. If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times, “no one offers a product that really captures the true cost to operate my aircraft.” I couldn’t agree with this sentiment more, but that’s about to change.